Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barack Obama - Being President is above my pay grade.

Bring on the debates!

If anyone was wondering why Barack Obama has declined to participate in a series of Town Hall meetings with John McCain, they need to look no further than the relative performances at this past weekends Saddleback Civil Forum.

Senator Obama when asked about abortion said that those theological and legal questions were above his pay grade. This from a man that was a lecturer on constitutional law at the University of Chicago. With all due respect to Senator Obama I would suggest that rather than being above his pay grade, having an opinion on the core issue behind (rightly or wrongly) 36 year old settled case law on abortion is minimum wage work for a US President.

If you can't express an opinion about an issue that has been studied and discussed for 50+ years, how are you going to make a decision about unforseen issues that will confront this country over the next 4 years...or 8 to 10 years as Senator Obama has suggested.

While the Main Stream Media has been playing out the narrative "Obama reaches out to evangelicals" the headline and lead story in every newspaper and broadcast media outlet should have been "Obama gets his ass kicked in quasi debate forum."

Granted the videos below are from MSNBC so they don't show the best of McCain and the worst of Obama but I include them for anyone (such as myself) who were not able to watch the event live.

MSNBC's Keith Obermann who "chastises" Senator McCain complains that "McCain was not in the 'cone of silence.' Note to Keith...Get Smart was a comedy show and not a documentary on the CIA. There isn't actually a 'Cone of Silence' and even if there was and McCain was supposed to be in it, that doesn't explain why MSNBC's chosen candidate, the man who makes Chris Matthew's pants tingle, can't answer simple questions much less complex ones.

McCain on Responsibility

McCain on Leadership

Obama's World View

Obama on Leadership

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