Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sheridan Folger, John McCain, Brad Marston

Welcome To Let's Get This Right! A coalition of Americans dedicated to preserving the ideals,
core beliefs and moral fiber that made the Republican party and our country great.

The days of reaching across the aisle and slowly compromising away our values and beliefs
bit by bit are over. There is a strong surge of unity and communication fueled by frustration
and disappointment within the party. We have much work to do starting in 2009!

By joining Let's Get This right you have taken a step in the "Right" direction.
Traditionalists, Libertarian, varied forms of republicans and constitutionalists share many of
the same views regarding the future of our nation. It is time we focused on those things and
take advantage of our common ground, our networks our net-roots and grass-roots to defeat
the liberal socialist agenda that is eating away all we hold dear.

Below in the the Let's Get This Right TV module. You can come and FOLLOW us
on USTREAM. Once you follow LGTR TV , you'll be able to recieve notification for when we start
broadcasting, record a video, or create an event!

Please Tune In November 4th With LGTR Co-Founder/Director Brad Marston LIVE ON THE
GROUND with the McCain Campaign in Arizona! After the elction look for many more new updates from our new TV Module. Here is a link to our channel and here is a link to our profile.

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