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We at "Let's Get This Right" recognize
that the current economic situation is a bipartisan issue and requires
serious attention.

As President Ronald Reagan once said "You and I are told we must
choose between a left, or right, but I suggest there is no such thing
as a left or right. There is only an up or down."

We at "Let's Get this Right" agree with that statement and we
recognize that the US economy is in enormous trouble. This includes
Wall Street, the US Government, and every American living on
main-street; no one is immune to the impact of the current economic

When Wall Street needs help it turns to the government, when the
government needs help it turns to the American people and when the
American people need help, it is often too late for us to obtain help
because the government has already over spent the tax dollars, fees
and fines it collects as part of its daily function.

When it needs money for a spending bill, or a financial bailout, the
government either cuts spending somewhere, shifts spending
temporarily, raises taxes on the American people or simply prints more

Sadly, when it prints more money much of it is backed by foreign
governments and investors from countries such as Saudi Arabia, China
and others which do not share our interests, our constitutional
heritage, or our core values.

Regardless, we the people cannot afford to continue to allow the
current reckless spending practices used in Washington, nor should we
allow our country to be in debt or beholding to other nations.

Especially when the average American?s yearly income is on the decline
from which we must all pay for our taxes, insurance, gas,
transportation, groceries, housing, clothing, etc.

So "Let's Get This Right!"

We the undersigned DEMAND that members of the US House of
Representatives, the US Senate and the US President immediately pledge
to commit to the following;

- STOP Any and all deficit spending that is unrelated national defense
until the US budget is balanced.

- START investigating the roll that corporate executives, lobbyists
and politicians played in the current economic downfall to include the
use of subpoena power, and criminal prosecution where necessary.

- CONTINUE to follow these steps until anyone directly connected with
the current economic downfall is no longer in a position to do so
again; especially those who directly benefited from quid pro quo
activity, including political advocacy, legislative action, or
"sweetheart deals" such as low interest loans and campaign donations.

It is time to get back to basics. We the people could not operate our
personal budgets the way that corporations or the federal government
have without ending up out of work and in jail. We the people are not
above the law and those in positions of power should not be either.

"Let's Get This Right"


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