Saturday, June 21, 2008

Senator Obama - What else shouldn't we do?

Senator Obama said in a speech yesterday that Senator McCain's proposal for off-shore drilling "makes absolutely no sense at all" because it would not bring any appreciable savings in gasoline until 2030.(Boston Globe, Saturday 6/21/2008 Pg. A6)

Aside from the fact that is incorrect, it got me asking myself what other things Barack Obama thinks we shouldn't do because the benefits are a few years down the road.

I guess he thinks we shouldn't invest in new energy technologies because workable solutions such as hydrogen powered cars, large scale solar or wind energy projects won't be viable for at least a decade.

I guess he thinks we shouldn't do cancer, Parkinson's, AIDS or other basic medical research because cures are at least a decade away.

I guess negotiating or dealing with Iran is out as some security experts say that they are at least a decade away from developing a workable and deliverable nuclear device.

I guess he thinks we shouldn't do anything about air pollution or greenhouse gases since the worst effects (assuming they exist) aren't predicted to occur for decades.

I reasonably sure that prosecuting the war against Radical Islamic Extremists is out given that we won't be able to win in less than a decade.

For a guy who spends a lot of time pontificating about "change" and "the future" he sure seems to have a short time frame for what change can occur in the future. I would love to hear his explanation but I am assuming he thinks he shouldn't do that.

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