Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who Is Greg Craig and Why Is He Helping Barack Obama?

Brad Marston at A Matter of Fact brings this information about another Obama associate:
"...He defended John Hinkley, Jr. after the latter’s attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. He defended former Bolivian Defense Minister Carlos Sanchez-Berzain, a human rights violator accused of 67 deaths. He was a “personal attorney” for Kofi Annan in the UN Oil for Food scandal and he provided “special counsel” to Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. Currently, high powered attorney Greg Craig of the DC-based Williams and Connolly law firm, is defending Pedro Miguel Gonzales, President of the Panamanian legislature, accused of murdering U.S. Army Sgt. Zak Hernandez. And he’s a senior foreign policy advisor to presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama. A poster child for limousine liberal lawyers, Craig’s participation in the Obama campaign may give rise to the kind of conflict of interest..."

More: Ericka Anderson's Human Events column on Greg Craig.

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